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9.      A Fresh butt on revolution
10.  Lamentations of a Prince
11.  Exploring the Fresh paradigm
12.  Rebranding: Time for a Fresh look
13.  Jonathan One yr later: Okotie rues stagnation
14.  Chris Okotie’s fears on the war within
15.  Sure: fuel subsidy and policy removal
16.  Okotie’s charter on good governance
17.  25 years on the pulpit: Okotie reflects Nigeria’s future
18.  Okotie’s jubilee star trek
19.  Okotie celebrates 25 years of Household of God
20.  Nigeria: Between prophecy and policy
21.  Celebrating Christmas the Household way

22.  Between Okotie’s karis and national honours
23.  Thoughts on Okotie: Prince of Nigeria
24.  Okotie greets Muslims at Ramadan, urges peaceful co-existence
25.  Okotie’s spat on transformation agenda
26.  Okotie’s elixir for policy somersault
27.  Between Okotie’s Karis and national honours
28.  Okotie: redefining the rules of engagement
29.  Okotie consecrated Prince of Nigeria @ 53
30.  Okotie’s ode to IBB at 70
31.  PRESIDENCY: Okotie must think outside the box
32.  Okotie’s two way presidential race
33.  Okotie’s reaction to Jonathan’s retreat
34.  Pastor Okotie’s 2011 postscript
35.  Nigeria: SNC – Okotie’s 2011 after shocks
36.  Okotie’s bridge across troubled waters
37.  2011: Okotie’s revolution catches on
38.  Okotie challenges Jonathan to debate
39.  Okala’s karis award: A wake-up call