The levity with which issues concerning children are dealt with in our nation is a source of great concern to those who are more spiritually inclined. read more

The youth of any nation signify the strength and the growth potential of such a nation. Persons between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five are generally categorized as youths. WHAT ARE WE DOING TO ,WITH AND FOR OUR YOUTH. read more

I wish to comfort your minds with this simple message, "There Is Hope" while this may sound trite in the harsh realities of hopelessness that faces the Nigerian youth especially the youth from Niger Delta, read more

The realities confronting the Nigerian worker today leaves very little room for celebration. What, with the dysfunctional labour policies in our environment and near collapse of the domestic economy of the average worker, Is there to celebrate? read more

My Dear Bothers & Sisters, we have all watched our nation degenerate to the state it is today. Some of us are here watching and others are scattered all over the world waiting for something to happen. read more

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A. A FRESH ALTERNATIVE: Ask anybody who happens to be growing up in the late 1970's about Chris Okotie, you are likely to hear them say of him; that talented singer who redefined pop music in Nigeria with numerous run away hits. read more
B. A FRESH PERSPECTIVE ON HEALTH CARE: The presidential candidate of the FRESH Democratic Party, Rev. Chris Okotie, recently slammed the PDP led Federal Government over the poor state of health infrastructure in the country, which he said, compels many Nigerians to seek medical treatment abroad. In his view, apart from the colossal waste of foreign exchange involved, the country’s image as a “corrupt and poorly governed nation” is further reinforced in the mind of the international more

C. OKOTIES BRIDGE ACROSS TROUBLES WATERS: Every election year presents its own peculiar drama and dramatis personae. 2011 is no different, in both the content and style of the campaigns, and true to type, Nigerian politicians never fail to disappoint, with their mediocre performances on the political turf across the party divide. read more

D. WHO BELIEVES IN OKOTIE'S CHANGE?: Seldom do dreamers benefit directly for their own visions. Every so often, they end up as pathfinders or harbingers of change. In America, a black man, Barack Obama would never have ascended the Presidency of the United States if the bold, pioneering works of civil rights heroes like Rev Martin Luther King Jr and his followers in the Black consciousness movement of the ‘50s through ‘60s had not promoted the ideals of equality of all races and the rights of all Americans. read more

E. JONATHAN, OKOTIE AND THE NIGER DELTA : Africa is a land of gold, and like the Biblical Havila, its gold, oil or solid mineral, as the case may be, is good. It is a land of sunshine and good vegetable; rich soil, with an unbelievable assortment of mineral deposits buried in its vast desert, forest and water. It has the population, (450m approx) and potential market that could sustain vibrant economics activities; even the Pacific Rim nations and the west cannot boast of this Eldorado. read more





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