• To re-orientate the Nigerian citizen toward the principles of nationhood and patriotism
  • To encourage Nigerians to participate in the process of governance.
  • To establish the concept of generational shift as political philosophy in the present Nigerian politics.
  • To facilitate the process of change in political orientation of the Nigerian society.
  • To revive the Nigerian spirit from apathy to collective participation
  • To create a veritable platform to present credible alternative leadership to the Nigerian people
  • To promote the principles of integrity, compassion, result orientation, vision and accountabilty as non-negotiable requirements for public offfice.
  • To promote the global ideals of good, accountable and compassionate leadership.
  • To enlighten the Nigerian people on the scancity and potency of the collective will.
  • To acheive a return of power to the Nigeria people through aggressive awareness and call to action.

Our Charter


We, FRESH Democratic Party, dedicated to the cause of the Nigeria people and to the pursuit of their political, economic and social emancipation, and determined to work towards their upliftment and realization of their God given destiny, hereby affirm:

  • That freedom, equality, justice and dignity are essential objectives for acheivements of the legitimate aspirations of the Nigerian people for a strong and indivisible nation.
  • That civil and political right cannot be seperated from economic, social, environment and cultural rights and the satisfaction of these rights is a guarantee for the enjoyment of civil and political rights.
  • That power is bestowed upon the organs and institution of governance, for the welfare and advancement of the nation as a whole and not for personal aggrandizement of those who are entrusted with it.

And having affirmed, we hereby set out our charter which shall be our convenant between us and the nigerian people.

The Role You Play

  • Solidarity and total support of your time, professional service, material contribution, contacts and connections; media visibility by media houses, cash



Imperative of The Charter

Every Nigeria shall have right to:

  • Food and Water.
  • Employment
  • Uninterruted Power Supply
  • Shelter
  • Education
  • Equity, Justice and Security
  • Health
  • Good Road & Transportation


We beleive

  • In the unity and diversity of the Nigerian nation.
  • In the sanctity of the collective will of the Nigerian People.
  • In the right of the Nigerian to do good, accountable and compassionate government.
  • In the intellectual, emotional and psychological maturity of the Nigerian youth to determine the future of the Nigerian state
  • In the divinely ordained right of every Nigerian to actualize his/her potential with a fair, just, equitable and supportive environment.

    I've got to stay with FRESH To save the nation And i will 'Cos i beleive I've got to stay with FRESH To save the Nation I've got stay with FRESH 'Cos i beleive. Faith, Responsibility, Equality, Security and Hope Is what we beleive Will save Nigeria And takeus to greatness. There's a dream in your heart Never let it go just keep holding on There's a future for us We must keep trusting in God He'll be there for us Till we see Nigeria Great! Nigeria Blessed! Nigeria Whole !!!